We are honoured to host this Metasysteme Coaching workshop, held by Alain Cardon, MCC (Master Certified Coach), foremost internationally recognized specialist on systemic team & organizational coaching.

Breakthrough processes are tools that allow for major shifts in team and organization paradigms and cultures. They help individuals and teams reconsider their frames of reference as how to develop by 20% or more, yearly.

June, 26 – 27, 2017


2 days, from 09:00 to 18:00

Workshop language: English

In this workshop you will:

  1. Revisit your current year goals and expected outcomes in the fields and dimensions of your choice, and re-evaluate them in the light of your full potentials.
  2. Replace limiting personal and corporate self-confirming beliefs and behavior patterns concerning possible achievements with others that allow for the full expression of your talents and potentials.
  3. Acquire a process by which you can accompany your team, organizations, and clients to achieve extraordinary financial, growth, quality, safety, etc. results in a very short period of time.
  4. Reconsider your frames of reference as to why and how some people, teams, and organizations overachieve, grow by 20% or more yearly.
  5. Learn a delegation process focused on outcomes rather than means, that can help your team and organization develop to expressing their full potential.
  6. Develop the appropriate posture to accompany individual, team and organizational clients while they design and implement success patterns to become the performance benchmarks in their own fields.
  7. Revisit the operational power of pertinent information measurements, results-oriented tracking, and metrics in the follow-up of all success-oriented processes.

You can also read more about Breakthrough Coaching Processes here.

If you are a leader, manager, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, yes, this workshop will definitely change the way you will achieve business results and function in all different dimensions of your life.

The experience will enable you to serve as agent of growth across the organization or your own business.

This is an International Coach Federation validated training, so if you are a coach you will also receive 14 ACSTH hours.

The breakthrough process is an approach designed to help modify individual, team and organization operational perspectives through fundamental shifts of individual and collective performance frames of reference.

“Compared to what typical training I have attended in any field (usually informative and theoretical), Alain’s approach encourages to explore the craft, be creative, invent new things, use your personality and your energy to be the best that you can be. It is not rigid (although it has clear structure) and it is liberating.”  Silviana Badea, Managing Director JLL Romania

 “Our culture has dramatically changed: individuals now take personal responsibility for each team’s performance (versus what used to be upward delegation to the boss); commitment to results and peers has dramatically increased; meetings are focused on decision making (versus information overflow); open feedback and demand for the best from colleagues is natural and well accepted.”  Marc Lafeuille CEO Bayer Healthcare France

 “The Breakthrough Process Workshop represented uncompromised system thinking, rigor of process and a consistent coaching approach towards learning. Alain’s passion for coaching combined with his warm, shy heart, made the workshop a unique and insightful learning experience on exploring the possibilities of our unleashed potential and then systematically doing something concrete to reach it.”  Lilian Öhman, Executive Coach, Finland

So, you will learn in a very practical way to push performance boundaries; whether the organization is struggling to increase figures or is performing comfortably, the workshop will identify and activate untapped potential and resources.

The fee:

900 € (+VAT) – per person/2days

800 € (+VAT) – early bird by 12th of June

For special offers and how this workshop takes place, please send a message and we will get back to you right away.

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