What is the context?

Here are the most typical business contexts where this workshop helps managers increase their impact when they present to an executive audience:

  1. When they propose a strategy, a sales or operational plan.
  2. When they recommend a change of a process, a procedure or a business model.
  3. When they ask for the funding of a project, a product or a new business line.
  4. When they propose a next step in a project or the launch of a new initiative.
  5. When they report on a market research or an internal analysis so as to inform strategic or operational decisions.

December, 14 – 15, 2017


2 days, from 09:00 to 18:00

Workshop language: Romanian

Increased productivity. Because we simplify and systemize the process of creating a presentation, managers become more productive in writing a business presentation, with no pain in less time.

Better business thinking. Because our methodology emphasizes critical thinking and logical reasoning, managers will improve their business reasoning and know-how.

Improved decision-making. Because we focus on crafting a logical flow of ideas and presenting them in a visually compelling manner, managers improve their persuasion skills when driving a decision in the workplace.
So meetings become focused on enabling the decision-making process, shorter and results-oriented.

Crafting the story

  1. The neuroscience of business presentations – thinking vs. communication
  2. Writing for action – articulating a compelling key message
  3. Connecting with an executive audience – match your key message to your audience’s business situation/needs
  4. The building blocks of executive presentations – grouping, ordering and organizing your supporting ideas
  5. Corporate storytelling – different narrative formulas for specific business situations

Designing the visuals

  1. From structure to PowerPoint – the key stages of designing a presentation
  2. The neuroscience of business presentations – creating informational fields and visual hierarchy
  3. Saying it with charts – how to tell stories with data
  4. Saying it with pictures – increase focus with the right use of images
  5. Simplify for clarity – the art of editing slides for increased impact

This workshop is dedicated to professionals who work in a corporate environment and needs to present to and shape decisions of executive audiences:
o Site managers, Country managers, Operations managers, Board members, Business owners
o Middle or senior department managers
o Project managers
o Product managers
o First-time managers
o Key people involved in budgeting, audit or business strategy & consultancy

The learning facilitation is provided by an experienced Board-level professional and a Managing Partner, both listens to and delivers executive presentations for a living.

Mihai Muntean is a senior professional with +15 years’ track record in sales, finance and risk management roles ranging from coach to C-level positions in multinational environments. He currently serves as Chief Sales Officer and Board-member for one of the leading players in the financial industry. Previously, Mihai worked in strategic and operational roles for McKinsey & Co., Bancpost, Citigroup, A&D Pharma, Aviva and EFG Eurobank.

Felicia Stoica is a passionate Managing Partner, strategically growing the business from enthusiastic start-up level to a trusted national brand in training & development. Felicia has 16 years of working experience as business consultant, Accelerated Learning trainer, ICF accredited Executive & Team Coach, partnering with multinational companies from IT&C, banking, automotive, FMCG and Pharma, to quote just some key industries.

The organization does not have to stop. The managers learn by doing their actual work, while gradually incorporating the insights from workshop to develop or improve their real presentations. So, they use workshop time to complete a task from the job.

The content responds to real-life situations. Because we focus on crafting a clear business story, we respond to the typical business situations in which managers need to present to management team, clients or stakeholders.

The transfer of skills and concepts is immediate. Because we incorporate the learning into managers work processes, the skill development takes place in the exact context where that skill will be used. No more “Here’s the theory, now you go figure out how to apply it in real life.”

The methodology we teach is geared to the needs of executive audiences. These audiences juggle with multiple priorities and are always pressed for time. They need a presentation that gets to the point quickly, flows logically and has a clear hierarchy of information.

The investment for this intensive group-mentoring experience is 400 euro/participant.

What will you get for this investment?
• Working with 2 experienced practitioners who listen to and deliver executive presentations for a living.
• An improved version of the presentation you bring and work on during the workshop.
• Personalized feed-forward within the workshop, a dedicated time and attention for each participant.
• Follow-up coaching sessions, 2 individual 1-hour coaching session/participant on their next presentation, to be used within one month from the program.
• A clear structured handbook to serve as a guideline for future presentations.

Take advantage of our enrollment benefits!

• 5% for 2 participants from the same company
• 10% for 3 participants from the same company
• 5% for Early Bird registration (until 30th of November)
• 10% for First-Day registration
• A registration is valid for the purpose of these discounts only if accompanied by a proof of payment.
• First-Day registration is valid for 20th of November 2017.

Take advantage of our risk-free guarantee!
• If at the end of this program, you feel you have not improved at all your ability to structure and design a presentation for an executive audience, we’ll gladly refund your investment.

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