Felicia Stoica

Executive & Team Systemic Coach
Associate Certified Coach

Some people would say that ambitiousness defines me, that I’m naturally a hard worker and by default a dreamer. I tend to agree with them.

What I believe in

I believe in values-based education, in people and their journey to success, in changing perspective, positive thinking and self-discipline.

How do I work

My energy is dedicated to exploring the organizational culture, creating a safe space for development and facilitating experiences for my clients within an open, flexible and also responsible, sincere and non-directive process.

I’m focused on results and performance, so my clients (re)discover their motivation, potential, the meaning and sense in everything they do.
I accompany people in achieving ambitious goals and be proud of their success.

My background

I’m working with people & organizations since 2001, in the framework of changes, transitions, conflicts or growth and I have a nice feeling of contribution.

I’ve gained experience as:

  • HR Consultant& Strategic developer
  • Life&Business Coach
  • Senior trainer at an international level
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional competencies Assessor
  • Adlerian Psychotherapist

As a Professional Systemic Coach, trained by Alain Cardon, MCC within an intensive Coaching program, I deliver coaching services according ICF’s code of ethics.
I have the pleasure to work with:

  • Member of boards, CEO’s who are looking for now perspectives
  • Middle managers challenged by professional transitions
  • Newly promoted professionals, encountering difficulties in adapting to the new position
  • Professionals who are looking for work-life balance
  • “Key Talents” with high potential confronting with different obstacles
  • Expats
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who want to redefine their life purpose

Whether you find yourself in the list above, or not, feel free to send me a message and we will work together, wherever you are.
If can’t help, I might recommend other professional who can accomplish your needs.
After all, the networking is a win-win business principle.

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