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to become simply better in everything you do.

Executive Coaching is the most versatile and powerful tool for real time leadership and management development within the context of your current position.

If you are ready to be listen in a non-judgemental way, to have time and space for powerful insights and breakthrough, we might (definitely) respectfully challenge your beliefs.

Why do you need Executive & Leadership Coaching?

You could believe that as long as you achieve an executive or leadership role, you should be able, by default, to

  • shift priorities,
  • managing people in remote locations, make them comply with your vision and objectives,
  • retain key employees,
  • make good decision under pressure,
  • perform in crisis and ambiguity periods…and much more.

In reality, the higher you are the more uncertainties, anxieties, people “games” and resistance you experiment. All these are normal, as we worked in HR industry since 2001, we can assure that your personal concerns are perfectly human.

When you are evolving in upper management levels, the journey tends to become on your own and even the most experienced and capable managers need confirmation and validation.

Take a look on some management challenges your colleagues worked with us and find great solutions:

  • “How to stay focused on my task, I start very well but I lost it on the way?”
  • “How to give feedback to my team, without offending anyone?”
  • “I want to find a strategy to align our senior managers with the new generation colleagues.”
  • “I have a new management role and I want to work on my fear of failure.”
  • “I’m caught between the conflict of my best 2 managers, one is very relational the other is very result oriented and I need both.”
  • “How can I identify the best back up for my position?”
  • “I do realize that I’m a great perfectionist , I want to get rid this habit because is keeping me succeed on the higher level in my organization.”
  • “How can we use time more effective in the meetings?”
  • “I really like my team and I don’t want to leave the company but I need to find a solution to find back my motivation.”

Executive coaching results for you, your team and your organization

Out of our client’s experience, here are the most relevant benefits of working in 1:1 leadership coaching:

Clear organizational vision and strategy in an uncertain and changing world

More results, less time and effort, faster promotions, bigger profits

Deeper learning about yourself
How you’re perceived, where you can improve, the cold truth others won’t tell you

Fast decision-making while you go through personal, team or organizational transition

Supporting and retaining key people critical to the business

Embrace failure and fear, learn fast, making good risk management

Space to evaluate your resources and behaviors to conflict, stress, pressure in crisis management period

Different perspective about leadership presence, control, discipline, authority, influence, delegation, ways to improve that you may not see by yourself

Clarify your personal motivation, ambitions, strategies, objectives and action plans preparation for role or career changes

Individual leadership coaching with Mihai brought me the biggest benefit through all the other solutions I’ve tried before. It could be a paradox, but I discovered a simple and deep systemic coaching framework that almost becomes an inner voice and a guiding power in my leadership style.
In less than 6 month it has helped me in influencing key decisions without too much effort. I have started better collaboration across business units thus helped me to achieve 17% better results in the next 4 month. I will definitely look forward to working with you in the future.

Robert Tiocas
Business Development Manager
Nike Europe

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