Group Coaching that helps you achieve your highest goals

Put 12 or so high performing business people in a room and the potential is enormous.

Humans Coaching makes the difference by bringing together groups of successful CEO, Key Executives, Business Owners or specialists in different fields from non-competitive industries working together towards one another’s development.

Systemic Coaching in an environment that helps you become successful

The Process of Group Coaching

Each member proactively brings their own goals for development with the purpose of taking their leadership skills or personal life to more effective, meaningful, and fulfilling levels.

Group Coaching places great importance on individual reflection and exposure to certain personality patterns in the systemic frame of reference with the whole environment.

Your peers share your challenges and goals and they bring a wealth and diversity of knowledge and experience to the table.

They are purpose-built so everybody can help each other to solve their most pressing business concerns, overcome challenges and seize opportunities through a process we call collective leadership development.

When you have access to new perspectives – whether from fellow business peers or us as a facilitators-coach, you expand your view in a way that traditional leadership training just can’t offer.

By combining peer advisory, mentoring, co-supervision and executive coaching tools we guide discussions, stimulate insights, facilitate decision and action plans, and ensure accountability in the group.

This is the kind of unique approach, a business development that can only come from a team of business professionals.

Group Coaching
Team Coaching

Group Coaching differs from Team Coaching in that team members work towards a common goal or purpose, while group members may have their own individual & personal objectives.

Types of Group Coaching we currently organize

Entrepreneur Group Coaching

Designed for results-driven entrepreneurs, the program provides you with the specific insights, strategies and leadership development you need to achieve better results and growing your company.

Executive& Leadership Group Coaching

The program empowers you to become a stronger asset to your CEO and team. Peer perspective and sharing insights provide you with the knowledge, strategic thinking and confidence to help you play an even stronger supporting role in your company’s future.

CEO Mastery Group Coaching

Successful leaders combine good business sense with inspiration, guidance and unwavering authority. The program creates space for you to become highly effective leader who drive growth for your organizations.

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To find out more about these programs contact us for details about dates and venues. Programs will run with a minimum of 6-16 participants.