Mentoring. What is it?

Mentor Coaching is a process that enforces your coaching skills and is an excellent opportunity for you as a coach to polish your techniques, and intuition, knowledge and competencies.

Why to use Mentoring?

There are 2 reasons for you to attend our mentoring solution:


When thinking about achieving your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential. In that case, we provide professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the level of the 11 Core Competencies demanded by ICF.


When you are already practicing coaching and you want to sharpen your skills. In this case, we have create the opportunity to reflect on your own skills, review your competencies required by ICF, reinforce you coaching techniques and develop a structured plan for your professional practice to grow.

Nota bene, when recording to ICF official website:

In order to apply for an ICF credential, you are required to have been coached for a minimum of 10 hours, over a minimum of 3 months, by a qualified Mentor Coach who holds an ICF certification.
Of the required 10 hours, up to 7 hours can be group mentor coaching (up to 10 participants) and at least 3 hours must be one-to-one mentor coaching.

One on One Mentoring

We invite you to this 1:1 Coaching Mentoring process, not only for the intimacy and liberty of development but also for the benefits it brings:

  • Hours of coaching and mentor coaching, just as much as you need to feel comfortable practicing what you love
  • Concrete and practical feedback and feedforward on your recorded coaching sessions
  • Valuable support regarding the ICF Core Competencies & exam

As this is an intensively personalized process, we can work in person, by phone or Skype.

Your Mentor Coach

Hello, I’m Mihai Stoica, ACC and I look forward to working with you. I will support you with professionalism, humor, patience and non-judgmental presence.

If you also feel it is a good groundwork for you, feel free to call me now at +40744427321 or email me and we will set up a meeting together.

“During my mentoring sessions with Mihai, I received some necessary “fine tunings” extremely useful for my career as a coach. I’m grateful to Mihai for his eloquence, professionalism, and presence which helped me to clarify some important aspects of my work, and I practice them successfully every time. Thank you, Mihai!”

Florina Onetiu
Coach and Counselor

“Every coach should have a coach and is normally to be this way, because you cannot accompany someone to reach a place you didn’t reach. For me, Mihai, as my mentor, is the one who helped me se the benefits of coaching in my life first, so to be able to give them forward then. His silent presence gives you the space you need, but when like from nowhere there comes the power of the question, you feel breathless and you realize that, in one second, you made the leap to another horizon, much more rich in resources and possibilities than you saw before. This way, you are able to look there where maybe before you refused to look at or you didn’t even dare to imagine and, more than this, you feel safe, because he is present here and now so you can grow. And what could be better than this?”

Alina Hurubean
Leadership Learning & Coaching

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