Mihai Stoica, ACC, ICF
Executive & Team Coach

I believe that every person owns much more potential than he or she thinks. I’ve been active in the people development for 14 years, and all these years I have been working for challenging projects within medium to large companies, as Human Resources Manager, Business Development Manager, Trainer, and Executive Coach.


In 2008, I became co-founder of HUMANS, one of the most important Romanian provider of training and human resources consultancy.

I’ve got in contact with coaching during 2009 and since then I use it as one of the most important tools for the development on the processes that I manage.


In 2012, I added another brick to my personal and professional development, graduating the training in Adlerian Psychotherapy that provided me a set of skills and knowledge for a new approach on organizational culture.
In 2012, during Training Knowledgement Exchange, HUMANS invited Alain Cardon MCC as a keynote speaker, and I was part of his audience during the workshops delivered there.

After that, I’ve started my training under the guidance of Alain, through Metasysteme Coaching and became a systemic professional coach. Ever since then, I’ve been practicing systemic coaching, accompanying my clients in their development processes, aiming only for quick and impactful results.


In 2014, I became member of International Team Coaching (ICF). My affiliation certifies a high professional and ethical standard, considering the fact that  ICF is the world’s largest community of professionally trained coaches.

You can follow me on social media or our blog, meet me in real life at the many conferences I’m invited as a speaker, or you can read my articles published in specialized magazines.

My specialization, as a coach, is in executive and team coaching.

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