Systemic Team Coaching
A system thinking approach in modern leadership development.


Team Coaching is a results-oriented process designed to accomplish the specific business needs of the teams and make the organization successful.

Within this process, the team learns to work as one entity on complex problems, focused on solutions, achieve realistic and ambitious goals and become a high performing team.

Team Coaching is also the best management tool available to improve individual and collective leadership skills.

Take a look at some leadership challenges raised by executive teams we’ve worked with:

  • “We shift positions, roles and locations for some key people and now we have high level of confusion within the teams, we register lower results and much more escalations at the clients.”
  • “In our company, we have to deal with too many fast changes, what is valid today is not valid after 3 weeks. I can say that there are situations when we implement problem-solving inertia; some issues are solved by chance. We can feel the pressure in the air and our people are a little bit frustrated.”
  • “It started this year and we are in the middle of a conflicting business philosophies and perspectives between our stakeholders and the management team. We need to manage our stakeholders expectations and validate our people in the same time.”
  • “I’m the new CEO and our teams changes membership significantly, so our executive team challenge is both running the business and transforming it.”
  • “Our team is not performing as well as it could. Separately, we are good achievers, but working together seems to be really difficult. Being members of multiple and interconnected teams and integrating virtually management added a great complexity level of leadership skills and pushed us to a systemic conflict in our management team.”
  • “We have a brand new middle management team, more than 70% of the members are first time managers and also the team is quite new created. The head quarter give us a great veto and now we need to align and deliver high-results quickly.”
  • “We definitely need good team coaching! Our leadership team is highly effective and very successful but we realize that we are not aware what make us so good in terms of team dynamic. We need to cross a mature process of insights, confirmations and ambitious action plans to keep ahead of the game. Than, it will be easy to diffuse our success in all the other teams.”

What is going to be the biggest leadership challenge in your organization in the next year?

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Team Coaching working process

There will never be an easy “ABC” approach to developing high-performing teams in this changing global business environment. A team is a vivid organism; there are too many moving parts, connections and interfaces, too many shifting dynamics and too many agendas being played out.

In order to know how to invest valuable time and money in team performance, it makes sense to start a team coaching process with an initial clarity about “where we are today” and “where we want to be”.

We are working guided by your KPI’s and your desired outcomes. Team coaching is only justified by real business results, so Systemic Team Coaching is a participative, interactive, open and delegated process.

    The Team Coaching process can include, depending on each case:

  • One-on-One coaching sessions with the CEO in advance
  • Interviews with each team member
  • Kick-off Executive team coaching – working in real-time meetings, with real topics set by your team
  • Individual & team diagnosis
  • Follow up assisted team meetings

In this process we reveal the team strengths and challenges, making sense of team patterns, help each leader and the team to acknowledge their issues and objectives, and re-align their collective strategy.

As a consequence, the team will develop the autonomy, its capacity to lead by collectively, develop each other, change the team pattern and achieve operational measurable results.

“For me, the team coaching collaboration that I started with Felicia and Mihai was my first experience with a Romanian entity specialized on coaching.
I was pleased to see that a model that have been developed and tested across the world was able to respond to our needs. Since I started this program my team understood why is important to have an order on their daily routine. We are using with success the tool that Felicia helped us to implement and me, as manager, I have a better vision on what is going on my organization  It is not easy to face a change and to work on implementing a change management process by yourself, especially when your organization is very young.
I consider that this team coaching program gave us the opportunity to know each other’s and to understand that sometimes is better to go on step back and take a look on what you have accomplished. If you want to challenge your team I think that Humans Coaching it’s a good solution for you.”

Delia Orhei
Operational Manager

Team and Organization Coaching Tools we use

Systemic Delegated Processes

A systemic coaching tool developed by Alain Cardon, experimented by him in over 25 years on different teams, industries and cultures.

Individual and Team Diagnosis

A systemic coaching tool developed by Alain Cardon equally applied to individuals, teams, organizations, and all other systems.

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Team Coaching Results

The shift from traditional work to virtual work, fast-changing economics, politics, collaborative technologies have changed fundamentally the way we think and act, our working environments and definitely how we do business.

Start implementing a team coaching project and right away you will get productive teams and achieve better results on:

Faster and easiest organizational transitions, change of senior executives, reorganization, fusions, separations or acquisitions.

Implementing a collective time management, developing a deadline-focus behaviour.

Adjust its temporal orientation (achieving a better balance between attention to the past, present, near future and long-term future).

Better understand the processes that underlie how the team works, and identify ways to improve these. Team coaching helps the team question and validate its own assumptions, with the result that radically new ways of working frequently emerge.

Safety psychological climate, favorable to collective learning. Team members learn to have open dialogue, to share concerns and fears and to work with constructive, empathetic challenge. As a result they build deeper levels of trust and higher quality of collaboration.

Clarity on what it has to achieve, coherence and consistency around priorities; what results is needed to be produced for the business and key stakeholders. Better management of KPI’s and financial results.

Effective and efficient meetings – less time, more decisions, better prepared, more engagement, less tension, alignment and focused on important actions and results).

Real commitment to deliver on the agreed objectives and the willingness to challenge each other to be accountable to the collective goals.

Real delegation skills and processes – understand and value the contribution each member can make at their best, and how to create circumstances for their people to be engaged and responsible.

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